Social Inclusion Education Program

Bullying and Social Inclusion

Do you want to reduce bullying and develop social inclusion of your students with special needs?

This simple yet effective program utilizes the power of play and education to build social bridges on your playground, integrating children with and without disabilities in a meaningful way.



Note: After you register, you will have the option to download an electronic version and/or request a hard copy be mailed to you. International shipping is limited.


The curriculum includes:

1. A step-by-step guide and inclusion materials to facilitate an engaging 60 minute classroom workshop helps students from 3rd—6th grades begin seeing past their physical/cognitive/sensory differences.

2. An inclusive play guide that helps you education and facilitate integration on your campus or at an inclusive community playground, giving children with and without disabilities a powerful hands-on opportunity to play with and learn about each other.

3. A follow-up workshop guide and material that uses written evaluations, group debriefing, and hands-on  activities to help students synthesize their newly-gained awareness and discover their common ground.

4. A Common Core Standards-based curriculum and resource list that helps you weave ability awareness-themed activities and inclusion education into your classroom throughout the year.




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