School Programs

“My students gained immeasurable understanding of acceptance and the pointlessness of the prejudices we sometimes don’t even realize we have.”
– Evan Beachy, 5th Grade Teacher

School Programs: 
School Field Trips: Each month, we schedule free field trips to our inclusive playgrounds for schools that serve children with disabilities but lack the resources to pay for bus transportation on their own. Each of our playgrounds is specially designed to challenge and delight children with a wide variety of conditions, strengthening muscles, inspiring minds, and supporting social development and communication.

Together, We Are Able®:
Shane’s Inspiration’s unique education program is designed to promote integration and understanding by bringing children with and without disabilities together in a meaningful way. Through this program, we combine in-class ability awareness workshops with interactive field trips to our inclusive playgrounds – giving children a hands-on opportunity to learn from and with their peers with disabilities. Our school resources include a standards-based academic curriculum, professional development, and parent workshops that communicate the benefits of social inclusion and how to support it. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Social Inclusion Education Program:
Shane’s Inspiration’s rich, standards-based curriculum provides teachers with the tools to deliver Together, We Are Able via instructional guides, a DVD, and a classroom activities that offer an integrated thematic unit on social inclusion. Combined with the parent and staff workshops, this program helps fill key character education goals and combat bullying by promoting compassion, awareness and social integration. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


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