In June 2002…
We watched our very first bus full of students pull up to Shane’s Inspiration Playground in Griffith Park. The first wave of students with disabilities rushed onto the playground…a mix of laughter, freedom, and fear as some children experienced a swing for the first time ever.

To date, our programs have…

  • Transported nearly 40,000 children to our playgrounds and connected thousands of families who have children with disabilities with their communities.
  • Transformed playgrounds into classrooms through our education program…reducing bullying and increasing social inclusion for over 150 schools.
  • Launched programs in over 20 cities, with requests from over 60 countries who are interested in implementing our education program.

We invite you to…

Dedicate $1 A Day so that students with disabilities can play!

We need your help. Bus transportation is more expensive than ever, and schools don’t have the funds for these programs, despite the incredible benefits of inclusion. As one Special Education Teacher told us, after her bus pulled up to the playground: “You’re our only field trip. My kids won’t go anywhere next year without this.”

For just $30 a month, you can make an extraordinary impact…
$1 + 365 Days = A transportation scholarship for a school
$1 + 365 Days = 10 schools participating in our Social Inclusion Education Program
$1 + 365 Days = 20 Families participating in My Play Club
$1 + 365 Days = Change, Awareness, & Respect!

Thank you for giving the gift of play! Your monthly contribution will make a huge difference!


This powerful legacy program allows your family to impact the lives of families across the globe!  We now have over 60 playgrounds and programs active on 5 continents, with additional projects currently in development in South Africa and Australia!  We have 75 additional communities currently requesting our services who are anxious to bring inclusion, honor and friendship to their children.  Your legacy gift can make this important dream a reality, impacting lives for future generations! 

You will have a chance to support families like the McLaughlins –

“This is about ALL children embracing their right to be unashamedly themselves, without being judged by their abilities.”

Janice McLaughlin

You can make a Family2Family legacy gift today by making a reoccurring monthly donation of $85 or more to help foster inclusive play!

Thank you so much! Your generous support is vital and greatly appreciated!


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