It’s Inclusive Schools Week!

Who is sitting on the sidelines on your school campus? A student with a disability? A student with a different gender identity, race, or religion?

Did you know that children with disabilities are two-thirds more likely to be involved in bullying than their typical peers? The social isolation that children with disabilities can feel has painful ramifications. One study found that young people with Autism are 28% more likely to contemplate or attempt suicide.

None of our students deserve to be excluded from the fabric of their social community based on their differences. Each has a gift and talent to bring.

In today’s world, compassion and understanding are more critically needed than ever before. Through tried and true social inclusion programs like Together, We Are Able, Shane’s Inspiration is delivering this awareness through play.

Through three hours of supported play and interaction at our inclusive playgrounds, kids learn quickly to not judge each other from the outside. In the words of Julianna, age 10:

“I had a … BLAST with Caleb, my buddy.  My favorite part was when I pushed Caleb on the swing.  He had a GREAT time!  I learned that even if someone has a disability, they are just like me. We both have challenges to overcome.”

Get a free copy of the Together, We Are Able curriculum and a NEW, FREE Social Inclusion Training Video here:

Special thanks to Paul Hastings, LLP for supporting this important step toward teaching inclusion around the world. 

Check out other resources and great ideas through the Inclusive Schools Network:

What will you do to create a more compassionate school campus?



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