Social Inclusion Education Program

Welcome to Shane’s Inspiration’s Social Inclusion Education Program! Do you want to deepen social inclusion on your campus and reduce bias and bullying towards children with disabilities?

Utilize this simple yet powerful program to build social bridges, integrating children with and without disabilities in a meaningful way.

The program consists of three steps:

1.    A 60-minute classroom ability awareness workshop that helps general education students walk through their beliefs and assumptions about disabilities while preparing them for interaction with their peers with differences.

2.    An interactive field trip to an inclusive playground, where your students with and without disabilities are paired together for a day of play and learning. If you don’t have a playground, you can host inclusive play experiences on your school campus. WATCH VIDEO BELOW

3.    A follow-up, 45-minute classroom workshop that helps general education students synthesize how their perceptions shifted, what they learned from their buddies with disabilities, and how they can pay it forward in the community.

The curriculum, which fulfills key social-emotional learning goals, includes:

  • Teacher’s guides for the classroom workshops
  • A detailed inclusive play guide for the field trips/campus play events
  • A modular education DVD that shows a day-in-the life for students with disabilities
  • Supplemental activities & reading to continue the inclusion conversation

The 60-minute, modular social inclusion video training, which is a companion to the curriculum, can help you:

  • Guide ability awareness conversations in schools
  • Facilitate social interaction between general and special education students
  • Deepen your understanding of students with sensory processing disorder at play

The combination of tips and visual demonstrations is a powerful resource that can help you create an inclusive social setting on your school campus.)

Frequently Asked Questions about our Together, We Are Able Social Inclusion Education Program:

Who does the program service?
Our education program services students of special education, K to 5th grade and students of general education K- 8. Our social inclusion curriculum can be modified for general education classes grades 7 – 12.

What kind of schools does Shane’s Inspiration provide transportation for?
We provide buses for special education center OR
Schools with both a general education and special education population.

How much does it cost to participate?
Our education program is free to all participating schools. However, we ask for a contribution from private schools. This goes towards the transportation for their partnering/ special education peers trip to the playground.

What is the earliest time my school can get picked up for the field trip
Our transit company, Mission School Transportation, will pick up at 9am.

How long does a field trip last?
The field trip begins at playground arrival time, 9:30/9:45 and ends at 1pm.

Is there a limit to how many students attend a field trip?
We limit our field trips to 40-50 students total. This works out to approximately 1 general education class to partner with 1-2 special education classes.

How many buses can I get?
We limit 1 bus per public school. We are sure to accommodate students using wheelchairs, so in these cases, it will require a second (wheelchair-accessible) bus.

What playground do I go to?
We program 14 of our 32 local inclusive playgrounds. These 14 are found on our registration page of our website. Click the link here to see the complete list:

How far in advance do I schedule my field trip?
We need at least 5 weeks advance notice to ensure that you receive a field trip date of your choice. Please note, we do not program field trips on Tuesdays for LAUSD schools as Tues. are their early departure days.

How many parent volunteers can I have?
We recommend 4-6 parents.

How do sign up?
Register online at:


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