Kids with disabilities are often excluded from play. Our goal is to create playgrounds and programs where kids of all abilities can play together.

Touch The Sky Fundraiser

A Benefit To Build The 1st Fully Inclusive Playground in New York City! Featuring the Best of Broadway, Television & Film


Rocket's Universe at Weddington Park

We were grateful to honor the Bill and Dina Ruch Family Foundation and Mia and Taylor Williams and their beautiful children Evie, Finch, Huxley, and Maceo – check out the incredible playground they created in loving memory of John “Rocket” Williams…

And thank you Landscape Structures for that beautiful equipment! It has already reached hundreds of children in under a year!

Project Highlight | Jonathan's Dream

In 1994, Amy Barzach was playing with her two sons when she noticed a little girl in a wheelchair, crying, unable to join in because the playground wasn’t accessible to her.

The next year, when a disability changed the way her own child, Jonathan, could play, Amy remembered that little girl and, with her husband Peter and other son Daniel, decided to build an inclusive playground to honor him and called it Jonathan’s Dream.

Shane’s Inspiration’s mission is to create social inclusion for children with disabilities through the creation of inclusive playgrounds and programs that unite children of all abilities.

Shane’s Inspiration vision is to foster a bias-free world for children with disabilities.

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Shane’s Inspiration is an international non-profit based in Los Angeles, whose mission is to foster social inclusion for children with disabilities through the vehicle of inclusive playgrounds and programs worldwide. Shane’s Inspiration partners with communities to design and build fully-inclusive play environments and offers inclusive playground programming for schools and recreation departments.



Social Inclusion Program

Do you want to deepen social inclusion in your classroom and on your campus? We’ve developed our exclusive Inclusion education curriculum program for teachers and educators. It successfully instructs how to bring children together through play. It helps reduce bias and bullying toward children with disabilities


A 60-minute classroom ability awareness workshop that helps general education students walk through their beliefs and assumptions about disabilities while preparing them for interaction with their peers with differences.
An interactive field trip to an inclusive playground, where your students with and without disabilities are paired together for a day of play and learning. If you don’t have a playground, you can host inclusive play experiences on your school campus.
A follow-up, 45-minute classroom workshop that helps general education students synthesize how their perceptions shifted, what they learned from their buddies with disabilities, and how they can pay it forward in the community.



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