Through Play
We’re building common ground by creating fully-inclusive playgrounds that are sensory-rich places where compassion and acceptance can flourish.  Studies have proven that integrated play helps children with disabilities develop critical sensory, motor, cognitive, and social/emotional skills that impact them long into adulthood.  Integrated play also gives children with typical abilities the opportunity to experience their peers with disabilities as equals and friends.

Through Community
We’re building common ground by fostering inclusion, friendships and understanding among children of all abilities.  Once a playground is built, our community outreach and family programs, such as My PlayClub, increase playground use and build public awareness of the benefits of integrated play.  Outreach services include busing/field trip programs, monthly play dates that bring children of all abilities and their families together for fun-filled days at the playground, collaborations with other organizations, and nation/international speaking engagements.

Through Education
We are building common ground by breaking down the barriers of bias toward children with disabilities through education.  Shane’s Inspiration’s unique social inclusion program, “Together, We Are Able,” promotes integration and understanding among students, teachers and parents.  The program first educates the children in the classroom through critical thinking, creative writing and awareness exercises.  Following the in-class component, the children are then paired with their peers with disabilities for a day of play at an inclusive playground.  Follow up visits to the schools confirm the profound and lasting impact of the program as children gain new awareness and acceptance of one another.


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