Neighborhood Inspiration Through Inclusive Playground Construction

We began building inclusive playgrounds for kids. They are the natural clients! What has become clear, over the years, is that these play spaces are inclusive for all ages and stages.

This story came from our Director of Design, Landscape Architect Diane Scanlan, who is overseeing a new playground developing in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, she was watching the new climbable sensory rocks being built and met a neighbor:

“When I was at the playground yesterday working on the sculptures people were lined up at the fence watching the activity. An older woman in a wheelchair called me over and asked if the playground was going to be open to the public or whether it was for the building only. I told her it was a public park and her face lit up. She said she wanted to have someone help her out of her wheelchair so she could sit on one of the new rock sculptures and watch the kids play. What an amazing moment!”

Proof that EVERYONE wants inclusive play!





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