Social Inclusion Education Program

Welcome to Shane’s Inspiration’s Social Inclusion Education Program! Do you want to deepen social inclusion on your campus and reduce bias and bullying towards children with disabilities?

Utilize this simple yet powerful program to build social bridges, integrating children with and without disabilities in a meaningful way.

The program consists of three steps:

1.    A 60-minute classroom ability awareness workshop that helps general education students walk through their beliefs and assumptions about disabilities while preparing them for interaction with their peers with differences.

2.    An interactive field trip to an inclusive playground, where your students with and without disabilities are paired together for a day of play and learning. If you don’t have a playground, you can host inclusive play experiences on your school campus. WATCH VIDEO BELOW

3.    A follow-up, 45-minute classroom workshop that helps general education students synthesize how their perceptions shifted, what they learned from their buddies with disabilities, and how they can pay it forward in the community.

The School Inclusion Curriculum includes:

Teacher’s guides for  the classroom workshops

A detailed inclusive play guide for the field trips/campus play events


A colorful classroom poster celebrating inclusion

A Common Core Standards-based curriculum and resource list that helps you weave ability awareness-themed activities and content into your classroom throughout the year


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