Together, We Are Able
Professional Development Video Series

Are you an educator who support students with and without disabilities?

Are you a student interested in a special education pathway?

Are you a parent seeking a more socially inclusive setting for your child?

Register for our free professional development training series today!

This 60-minute, modular training tool, which supports the Together, We Are Able curriculum, can help you:

  • Increase ability awareness in the classroom
  • Learn how to connect general and special education students socially on the playground
  • Deepen your understanding of students with sensory processing disorders and how to support them at play
  • Gain hands-on insight on planning for and supporting inclusive play events

The combination of tips and visual demonstrations is a powerful resource that can help you create an inclusive social setting on your school campus.

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Why Social Inclusion?

Did you know that children with disabilities are two-thirds more likely to be involved in bullying than their typical peers? The social isolation that they can feel has painful ramifications. One study found that young people with Autism are 28% more likely to contemplate or attempt suicide.

None of our students deserve to be excluded from the fabric of their social community based on perceived differences.

Promoting and supporting inclusion on your school playground will create lasting compassion throughout your campus!

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