Trishia and Bob Potts Santa Cruz

A Story of Determination and Collaboration

Shane’s Inspiration works closely with parents and community members when we design inclusive playgrounds. In fact, more often than not, it is a mother or father who drive the projects, inspiring others to join forces and support the vision of a play space where all kids are welcome.

Trishia and Bob Potts are two such parents, who are creating a playground in Santa Cruz County, where their son Oliver, who uses a wheelchair, will be able to play with his sisters freely.

It was November 10, 2010 when the final plans for the 4.5-acre Chanticleer Avenue Park in Live Oak were presented to the community. The County’s redevelopment agency had done the work of planning a park that had all the amenities: a dog park, a bike pump track, a skateboard structure a playground, a community garden, picnic areas, trails, parking and lots of open areas. Within six months Governor Brown had put through legislation that disbanded all the redevelopment agencies in the state, taken their funding, and made what had been a solid plan into an impossible dream.

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By Noel Smith




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